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  1. Salamz. I would like to get involved with this inshallah!! I saw Zubairs’s mail and I thought, finally! I’v got so much things on my chest that need to be aired. I am in the process inshallah of doing this via the camera. I’ll keep you guys posted.

    Sorry, I am being rude. My name is Adam Abdul-Basir, I am a friend of Zubair, hence how I know about this. I come from a Marketing background and have been a casualty of Islamaphobia int he work place. I got to senior management in a food investment company after thirteen years in the food industry and got shot down!! However, everything happens for a reason and for the best!! I did my masters thereafter and suddenly found myself int he islamic media industry. Needless to say, I, know two – three years down the line have found and learned alot of interesting things. Things that need to be changed and realsed! There is a programme that comes on the sattalite and terestrial channels everyday about muslims, it’s called the NEWS!! we need an alternative! Further we need alternatives to alot of other things, however we need constant reality checks or we can head into the relm of fake notiriaty!!! which leads to pride, which leads to one charred and burnt batty!! IN HELL! Aoooooooudubillllaaaah!

    Anyways I have experienced good and bad in muslim, (note how I say muslim and not islamic!) publishing, radio, tv, web , food industry and so on. So I have alot to say. I have been known to be colourful in my style of words so please let me know if this is a problem. obviously I maintain iislamic ethic.

    So, Inshallah I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    p.s I am on facebook too, so look me up.


    Adam Abdul-Basir

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