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Free Writers is a collaboration by a number of professionals who have an opinion about currrent affairs and want to make a difference.


A British-Pakistani Muslim born and raised in London, the author has been privately blogging for a number of years. Coaxed by a number of inspirational friends and mentors, she decided to go public with her infamous ‘rants’ earlier this year. She is currently working for the UK government on economic development and regeneration policies. Zareen is a regular feature writer for The Saturday Post.

Her personal blog can be found here: 


Born in England, and partly educated in the States, Zahir refuses to take questions of his British-Indo-Franco-Muslim identity too seriously. “I have as many first cousins in France who consider themselves fully French as I have in the UK who say they are British… But deep down, we’re all family and we’re not so different. So is identity really that big a deal?”, he asks.

Zahir works at the Department for International Development, advising the government on overseas aid policies, plays tennis, and considers Ludovico Einaudi and Mevlana Rumi as his greatest creative inspirations.


Bilal is from Newcastle in South Africa. That is not a joke- but people often laugh when he mentions this during his stand up comedy routine! He has no idea why:)Bilal is a corporate slave, currently doing his training to become an accountant. Not just a normal accountant (boring) but a chartered accountant (super-boring!). He studied in Durban and worked in Johannesburg.He takes a keen interest in Islamic finance and economics, and just about anything political and/or controversial. Bilal is currently serving a 6 month training contract in London. His ancestors were of Indian origin, but he is a Proudly South African Muslim.

His blog can be found here:


Alam doesn’t really feel like labelling himself. He likes reading about history, philosophy, post colonial theory and barbeque cookbooks in which steaks feature heavily. He isn’t very happy with the current state of the world and his ancestry is pretty varied: Middle East – Iran- North West Pakistan – East Africa – London – Wales (in that order) and his writing will tend to reflect his gypsy-esque family history.He also loves football, getting into strange situations in even stranger countries and has recently discovered a taste for climbing big cold mountains. 




Born in England with forefathers mostly here, but also in the States and Ireland (sort of), Daniel has a strong interest in international cultures and the way these interact with beliefs. His resume reads like a white, middle class English identikit (private school, university, civil service) that seems strangely out of sync with the person you first meet: charming, good looking, intelligent; these are just some of the phrases he wishes people would use about him; so far we seem to have peaked at ‘interesting’ (as in the picture you drew for your granny when you were 6 is very ‘interesting’) but he’s ever optimistic. Daniel thinks there aren’t enough semi-colons used in the world today.



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