What is FreeWriters?

A forum to discuss contemporary issues concerning young professionals with a background or interest in current affairs, politics, religion, society, art and media, travel etc – Any Issues, topics or interests one judges to be worth discussing.

Why do we need this?

With growing recognition of the power of the written word, there is a real need to recognise the increasing written contributions of young professionals to British society. These are new, unheard voices with a story to tell, and their words will influence the future collective thinking of their communities. At the same time, high profile media issues still require reasoned opinions to counter-balance the highly emotive opinions that often prevail. Our research has shown that very few such sites exist which have no over-riding agendas other than promoting free speech.

What is there to gain?

The opportunity exists to recognise and celebrate a huge diversity that exists within the British community. Diversity in terms of backgrounds, and diversity of opinion on current affairs, and religious views.  This forum aims to provide articles that provoke and challenge existing views, and showcase new views on contemporary issues, and invites responses to these to initiate discussion. It is an  opportunity to encourage free speech and promote the voice of reason. Most of all, this forum gives young people a place to learn, to share, debate and challenge. 

How can you get involved?

Tell us if you’ve read / heard an interesting story and we’ll write about it. Or, if you feel like writing or have a blog of your own, let us know, as we’re fairly new, we are keen to get other bloggers on board.



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