National Pink Hijab Day

Sounds weird doesn’t it? I first found out about this event on Facebook when a friend invited me to attend “National Pink Hijab Day” – The title itself was so amusing that I was tempted to click on the link and find out more; and I’m glad I did.

Today’s event hopes to raise awareness about breast cancer; an illness that touches the lives of millions of women every year. In the UK, breast cancer is now the most common cancer, with over 44,000 female sufferers and around 300 males. The disease has increased by more than 50% over the last twenty years and predominantly targets women over 50 years.

Although fundraising for a US-based charity, this event not only hopes to raises awareness for breast cancer as part of the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, but the organisers of this specific event have gone one step further in the hope to also raise awareness about Islam and hijab. They have used it as an opportunity for daw’ah*, and see it as a way for Muslim women who wear hijab to be active in their communities.

What an original idea to raise awareness about the world’s fastest growing deadly illness and the world’s fastest growing religion -Genius. I wonder if us Brits could learn a trick or two!

You can visit the Foundation web site here: / and yes, I confess to having a worn a bright pink pashmina today! 🙂

* Dawah = Invitation to learn about Islam



  1. I’ll look out for pink hijabi’s around london

  2. Ah, a little too late Nav – I doubt British hijabis have the strength to do it here… plus, I think the Muslim community here has so many internal issues to tackle about Islam awareness before they can start doing dawa’h to non-Muslims!

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